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The Sweetwater #1 K12 Virtual School strives to provide tuition-free public school online learning opportunities. All required materials will be delivered to your home. We are a Wyoming grown program that reflects Wyoming lifestyles and preferences while providing a high quality educational experience. Using innovative choice-based strategies, our program allows for true personalized learning. Whatever your learning goals are, we provide options from the elementary level up to the ability to earn a high school diploma. 

Elementary Teachers

Teal Romango
Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Trista McMartin
2nd & 3rd Grade
Sysser Duncan
4th Grade
Alysia McGaha
5th Grade
Kimberly Braden Paulson
6th Grade

Secondary Teachers

 Peighton Spaulding
Social Studies

  Michelle Kite
English Language Arts
  Michael Alton
 Theresa Allgaier
PE & Health
  Ward Wise
CTE Business
  Cheslea Lund
  Crystal Richardson
  Chris Clifton
Foreign Language
  Kim Hybarger
  Michelle Kite
English Language Arts


Ashley Mackey

Levi Stephens
Social Studies

 Annie Fletcher



Andrew Grossmann
English Language Arts

Victoria Crossan

Billie Kaliszewski